What I've been doing when I feel bad
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What I've been doing when I feel bad

I started feeling really bad after noon. I don't really like publishing these kind of posts since it feels like it's unrepresentative of me since I have a lot of unfinished drafts of explainers and commentary and better.At least this gets me writing and publishing.

I was feeling really good yesterday night for school, and I was optimistic that I could do well. I had stuff I wanted to do. Cool ambitious stuff. But today at noon, I started feeling really bad and I still feel that way now. At first, it was jitteriness and unable to focusI tried playing piano and guitar, just to have something to do. And then like there's something in my chest and I can't really do anything. I notice that I try to find things that might make me feel better, like the way I try to solve this problem by understanding it. I searched up what to do to feel better. I read Turtles All The Way Down, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Raptitude.com, twitter: from:visakanv friends and depressed. They're relatable and I feel like they're me, and they give me hope that things could be better, especially visa's journey and his language, but I don't think understanding stuff is helping. Now I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about school, and I don't know how I'm going to do the things I want to do, because whenever I feel this way, I can't do any work. end

Relatable or noticed stuff from
Turtles: having a mission, swinging the tote bag, feeling nervous, simple language and easy to read

Funny: being overwhelmed with homework and not being able to do anything. descriptions of feeling bad

Raptitude: every snapshot being a new start

Visa and mutuals: journey and healing, doing whatever you want, making friends, documenting feeling bad

raptitude and twitter: life being underatedly unappreciated

edit: I read Matt Lakeman's The New Epidemic - My Experience of Losing a Friend to Heroin a few days ago

wonder: is there a fine line or splitting trajectory thing between wild success and absolute failure

edit: visa: don't die, few years wasted is not a big deal in a game of decades

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