first job interview. in n out. project!
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first job interview. in n out. project!

I woke up with an email notification that I got a job interview for operations today. I applied the day before, and I was really excited to hear back. I told my friend who I was meeting for lunch that I would need a place to take a video call at noon, and he offered his room. I shaved and put the most formal collared shirt I had, which wasn't that formal, blue with some patterns, in my backpack.

I then biked to meet my friend. We haven't seen each other for a long time, so that was exciting. I told him I was really nervous about my job interview. He was encouraging, and I wanted to be relaxed for the interview.

Quickly finishing pasta, we headed to his room and I set up my computer and put on my shirt. He gave me another word of encouragement, and I joined the meeting. The interviewer described the role and asked me some questions, like what challenges would I have in the role and what stuff I've done related to the job. I don't know if I seemed unprepared because I mentioned technical stuff I wouldn't be doing, but I asked good questions. I thought I talked pretty fast and wasn't super relaxed, but my friend reassured me that everything was great and anyway this would prepare me for future interviews.

I then got a call from an attorney, and I got good info, so now I have to write an email.

I relaxed a bit in his room, and watched him type some code for matrices. It was nice.

I then biked home to go to my grief support group zoom. This was our last day, and we shared items and memories of our parents, and then closed with some reflection of the group. I like my group.

I wanted to get boba. Because I think it would be very chill to drink boba at home reading Turtles All The Way Down, but I second-guessed myself that it was too expensive even though I knew only big big money stuff mattered. I was hungry and I needed calories, so I biked to In n Out and got a double double with fries. I sat down waiting for my order. My order seemed to take a long time, but I like being bored a little and not doing anything, so it was totally fine. What I didn't notice what that my order had already been called multiple times and I didn't realize it was mine. I thought it was a different number, and thought it was weird that no one was getting their order for a long time, maybe they were outside and didn't hear? Well it was mine.

I noticed on the bike there and back that the air was smokey and I had to make my breaths shallow.

I ate my food at home, and my fingers kept smelling like sauce, and the soap was making my hands sticky.

I was on youtube and instagram a bit.

I wanted to get boba and read my book, but it was smokey to get outside.

I sent some messages to get help with moving, and a friend advises me to reconsider moving. I think it's good to hear perspectives that I don't understand the reasons for yet, and be aware that I have limited insight.

I took a shower with a lot of soap cause the hot weather was sticky.

I had a zoom meeting with a person working related to sexual assault, and he wanted to collaborate on a project together. We set up a plan and sources we can research into. I was gonna get a job because I was getting discouraged by my project, but he gave good reasons for me to think about continuing this project. This is still under development, and have a lot to say.

I considered boba again, but it was smokey and dark.

Since sending those messages about moving early in the evening, I saw news of the Texas shooting, and it's very terrible. I also saw Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut say stuff about what senators should do to prevent stuff like this. I also read some good arguments for gun safety and how it is effective.

One notable thing I started reading was about grantmaking that I'll finish later.

I wanted to write this daily post documenting what I did because it's never too late to get back on the writing train and I expect more stuff to happen in my life soon. Hopefully, I can do this earlier in the evening so I'm not as tired and I could make it interesting like Aaron Swartz wrote during college. This was an unedited stream of consciousness post. 'night

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