What a man can and can not do
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What a man can and can not do

a man is defined by what he can and can not do

practicing the piano

play the note or not

on the skateboard

land it or not

causing a slip up

are you a screw up

recalling a memory

but stuck at the tip of the tongue

where else can you search

on what edges does the mind perch

latches on and doesn't let go

you remember it or you don't

you take the risk or you don't

you meet her or you don't

are you there or not

did you go or not

be grateful for how it changed you or stay on the same trajectory

where the possible path is impossible to be imagined

what rules matter

asking for permission

can you break them

did you break them


maybe it's not easy to say

practicing your craft every day

why doesn't it hurt you like it does for everyone else

why does it hurt you just like for everyone else

do you hold in tears nobody can here or can't explain why

some don't think about it

very carefully

looking closely and backing up far

tautologies tautologies

dead or alive

is it true or not

in between the black and the white

are shades of gray

and spreads of color

merely four chords

create a melody

recreate a memory

even with horrible singing

complex mind and body connections dancing at play

some things must not be reduced into either or

mind the context green light go! and god complex

know when to slow down and when to let go

this poem is inspired by playing the piano too much, wanting to learn skating, what no one tells you about losing a parent... by Liz Zorn, How We Met At The Holocaust Musuem by h3h3Productions, quote by Jack Sparrow, and 10th grade poetry.

written on the midnight going into 1/29/2022