My Takeaways From Captain Phillips
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My Takeaways From Captain Phillips

  • Negotiation is very powerful and super cool. They were doing it in the command ship and rescue boat. I want to reread Never Split The Difference.
  • Strategy, operations, and logistics are very cool. I want to be good at them.
  • I want to recognize that there are high stakes happening all of the time and all over the world, so I want to move with purpose like the seals getting ready with diving and gearing up.
  • Life is precious and can't be bought by money. In the note scene, it feels like his life is gonna end.
  • Small changes in space matters. Like getting into the hostage boat or getting hit by a bus.
  • I want to exercise more like those seals to deal with high stakes.
  • Water is precious. water is plentiful for me and I'm gonna drink it more.
  • Family is important. like when Captain says goodbye in the beginning and asking about them during negotiations and medical room.
  • Writing is important. He was writing his final words on a paper to communicate. reminds of TFIOS where the things you've written can communicate with people even when you're dead.
  • Housemate and I both want to be in high stakes situations. He says like sniper or commander to call the shots. I like the negotiation on the boat stuff. We are already in high stakes circumstances so I want to act like it.