losing money
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losing money

The money in my FTXUS account is probably gone. It feels bad to lose my personal savings. I was feeling like it was my fault even though it totally wasn't. I felt like it could've been prevented if I never used FTX, or pulled my money out before it all happened, or set up transfers with another exchange. It's not even like I lost money from cryptocurrency, but from the exchange imploding. I was hoping to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term because I think it's a good technology, but I'm not sure if I can do that anymore.

I try to reassure myself that I'm young and can earn money back, but I'm not sure if I believe in my career prospects. I want to use money for a few months of living expenses to visit different cities to find a job and somewhere to live, but having less money now means I have less months if I do that.

It's pretty weird losing a lot of money because I usually justify spending a few extra dollars at the grocery store to myself, but that is nothing compared to what I lost. Only the big numbers matter.

Matt Lakeman has written about how one of the things he remembers that has happened in a year is the significant money that he lost. I'm gonna remember losing this money but this happening is not great.