jack harlow
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jack harlow

not finished missing a lot of stuff

so I was listening to jack harlow's old songs. I liked I Just Do It and Leeriks and Das Me and This Is Why I'm Hot and Started From The Middle and Winter Jacket

I Just Do It: "I'm Jack, yes, I'm Harlow. Got a ring to it like Beyonce." "I just do it cause I love it" "I just want these kids to brag about the fact they used to know me."

Leeriks: "Hip-hop game, give me one decade / I'll be takin' over ridin' beats like Segway" "And I did it on my own, never needed no permission"

This Is Why I'm Hot: "Confident as ever, when you know you going big."

Started From The Middle: "Now my self-esteem is up, and I ain't tryna hear it, bro" "All I got is four years, just to go and get this wealth" "Cause I started from the middle, at the middle I remain."

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After reading Middlemarch by George Eliot and William Deresiewicz's commentary of it in Excellent Sheep, one takeway could be you should not try to change the world so much and live a simple life or there's a cost of courage and suffering to live the life you want to live (Deresiewicz 93). "There are many potential Theresas, gifted souls, she says, but few can overcome the adverse conditions that surround them" (Deresiewicz 94). Dorothea says, "'Trouble is so hard to bear, is it not? How can we live and think that anyone has trouble - piercing trouble - and we could help them, and never try?'" (Eliot chapter 81). dog. Dorothea says, "'That was a wrong thing for you to say, that you would have nothing to try for. If we had lost our own chief good, other people's good would remain, and that is worth trying for. Some can be happy. I seemed to see that more clearly than ever, when I was the most wretched. I can hardly think how I could have borne the trouble, if that feeling had not come to me to make strength'" (Eliot chapter 83).

"She was shunned by society" (Deresiewicz 93). "This was the life that she was going to live, and she wasn't going to apologize for it" (Deresiewicz 94).

People involved in global surveillience and human rights and political activists. Targeted by government. prison.

In The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, Ravikant says, "The idea you're going to change something in the outside world, and that is going to bring you the peace, everlasting joy, and happiness you deserve, is a fundamental delusion we all suffer from, including me" (Jorgenson 138).

Ravikant says, "Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want" (Jorgenson 138)

do successful people know they were going to be successful

know successful people like casey, but it wasn't as obvious as jack harlow with the years.

optimism bias, think you're gonna be the best. everyone thinks they are going to be successful. Illusory superiority

Jack of Some Trades, Master of Absolutely Nothing by Cami M.

Jack has evidence of success

mark manson not exceptional, don't have to be amazing

reminds me of spanish project video. just kids in grocery store and regular town. my town felt boring. feel you can do it too. how much confidence was involved (jack and paulgraham)

jack harlow, 1944, choosing to be happy, SE

so I listened to jack harlow yesterday

obvious progression

regular kid

can't imagine him now vs