How I'm learning piano
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How I'm learning piano

I was playing a song on the piano at someone's house, and he asked me how I learned that fast when I only started playing piano a few months ago. I said it was because I heard the song and I really liked it and wanted to play it and I thought it was easy enough for me to learn, so I started learning. I practiced that song a few hundred times because I liked how it sounded. Not because I was forced or anything. I started with the right hand, looking at the key, and playing the notes very slowly all the way through or break it down into small sections. I would do that a couple times, focusing on getting the right notes and later on figuring which fingers I should use to play the notes. I would then look up the chords for the left hand and slowly learn them and play them. Then, I would practice with both hands very slowly combining them together, so the timing of the fingers on both hands are coordinated. Each run through a segment, I would focus on what I need to do better on. Like use this finger to play this note in this section. And then work up to playing coordinated and with timing.

He said that I learned that fast because of talent. And it is entirely possible. Because there is "talent" involved in me even being motivated or willing to learn.

Or because of the environment since the piano is near my desk, and I like playing piano to do something that is relaxing and feel a little productive with not a lot of effort and energy.

I also don't feel anything when practicing gets hard. Which makes it easier for me to practice and enjoy it. I know kids that were forced to learn instruments sometimes don't really enjoy practicing and I know I've felt resistance when practicing other instruments, so maybe it's because the other instruments were more tiring for me and the feedback loop was not as fast and not as clear on how to get over the little hurdles during practice. Like if I am not playing the right note on time, I know I can figure out which finger I should use and practice the transition.

I noticed that practicing multiple songs that were the same key is easier and more rewarding. I could sightread it easier.

Learning chord progressions is pretty good. And that can be introduced by easing into playing songs in different keys.

A friend mentioned details in playing: staccato, connected, hard loud/soft, heaviness and dynamics being distinct

I don't think you should force your child to learn a particular thing because there is so many possible things to learn and it makes more sense for a child to explore and play around to figure out what they are interested in and what comes easier for them.

My parents wanted me to learn piano when kid, but I didn't really get piano playing and maybe I also wanted to be different from everyone else that is being forced to play piano, though I fantasized about being able to play awesome stuff.

I know some people that were forced to play piano as kids don't play piano anymore or don't enjoy playing piano that much.