Friends Wrapped 2022
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Friends Wrapped 2022

Friends Wrapped 2022
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Merry christmas! here are your spotify wrapped graphics!!

I've been loving the blog formats on the mit admissions blog and I was inspired to make graphics comparing my friends' listening habits just like this post.

Let's go!

look at justin! 75k minutes listened. that's on avg 3.5 hours per day!

20k minutes is 1.5 hours a day! or 9% of waking hours.

I thought I would've listened more than my average time per day, but that's because some days I don't listen to music.

This is how much we listened to our favorite artist. It's a nice exponential looking graph.

I think the main way I've been finding new artists is from Discover Weekly and searching up keywords of my mood and context to find playlists.

Some people go broad and some people go deep. I want to branch out from soft sounding music and find new genres I like next year.

"You right next to me, feel the heat, goin' overdrive!"

Wrapped Summaries

Courtney: I enjoyed my Spotify wrapped!

Newman: Mm seems about right

Corvidanon: Delighted

Lowell: I'm honestly surprised that Conan Gray dominated my most repeated songs. I thought I listened to many songs on repeat, but it turns out I played Conan Gray on repeat the most in that one week in July when I was thinking about identity and being sick in bed.

Jenny: My listening is pretty scattershot! The top stats are dominated by the 3 times I made playlists this year and so listened to stuff on repeat.

James: Im real

Top artist percentages

Courtney: top 0.05% Still Woozy

Justin: top 0.1% Kanye West

Corvidanon: top 0.5% Animadrop

Darikimo: top 0.5% The Weeknd

Lowell: top 0.5% Conan Gray

Newman: top 2% NYCYPCD

Jenny: top 2% Agatha Christie

James: top 3% Cory Wong

Top genres

Lowell: Pop, Indie Pop, Rap, Indie Folk, ROCK

Courtney: Indie Pop, Pop, ROCK, Modern ROCK, and Rap

Newman: Classical + christian

Corvidanon: Wave, edm, rap, traprun, drift phonk

Justin: Indie Pop, Pop, Lo-fi Beats, Rock, Rap

Jenny: ROCK, post-doom metal, electropop, alternative metal, modern alternative rock

James: UK contemporary jazz, lo-fi beats, indie soul, jazz fusion, modern funk

Darikimo: Rap, Pop, K-pop, Adult Standards, Underground Hip-hop

  • Indie Pop is the top genre of three people! and Rap shows up five times.

Listening personality

The Early Adopter: Courtney and Lowell

The Adventurer: James and Corvidanon

Fidèle au poste (was in french sorry, something like loyal): Newman

The Maverick: Justin

The Time Traveler: Jenny

The Connoisseur: Darikimo


Courtney: Two Hot Takes, Tales, Office Ladies, Ologies with Alie Ward. 5650 minutes

Lowell: 80000 hours, Conversations with Tyler, Anything Goes, Sounds Fake But Okay, 544 Days. 2492 minutes

James: Philosophize this. Who knows it doesnt say but id guess 300-1000 mins

Darikimo: The Numberphile Podcast; Brain Science: Neuroscience, Behavior

  • these look like good podcast suggestions!

Wow I'm really proud of you guys this year! cheers to more rockin!!

(I got a feeling of deja vu from writing this post. feels like I've done this before with many many graphs and lines of words in between)

I think I've gone a long way at finding music I enjoy. In 2020, I didn't listen to music much because I didn't really know good songs. Then, I started noticing when I liked a song that was playing in public, and pull out the Shazam app on my phone to see what the song was and add it to my playlist.

I started making a playlist every three months, named after the season we were in, and add songs I liked in that playlist. Now I have a chronological record of music I enjoyed in different time periods in my life!

I think music made quite a difference to me this year. I have been having a hard time and it felt good to find a new song that I liked or replay a song in the right moment.

I think I still want to expand more music taste going into next year, and I think listening to playlists made by people that like different genres from me is a good start.

anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you all are enjoying the festive cozy feels!