About - December 2021
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About - December 2021

I say it's the texture a lot when people ask me why I like the food. I appreciate how elements and perspectives come together to create an extra layer of nuance. It's like those weird feelings from frisson in music, transitory and liminal spaces, and talking to strangers.

This is where I document connections between the things I've learned and observations in my life, my reactions to art and content, and my exploration of topics into essays and blog posts. I also hope to write some stories, lighthearted and quirky things, and things that make people feel seen and heard. I'm just exploring ideas with an open mind for myself. This means there will be contradictions, mistakes, and confusion in my changing perspectives, but sharing the process of what, how, and why I learned is necessary in making messy art that I hope you enjoy and get new ideas from.

I am interested in how change happens, the human experience, epistemology, systems, methodology, interdisciplinary fields like international relations, and the intersection of science and the humanities.

Essays that guide my writing include "How To Be an Extremely Productive Creative" and "To Stay Creative, Remember to Breathe" by Niklas Göke, "The Age of the Essay" by Paul Graham, "You Must Live an Interesting Life" by Ryan Holiday, "Requiem for a Dream" by Larissa MacFarquhar, and the video The Importance of an Unhappy Adolescence by The School of Life.

My personality is extremely ENTP. Psychology Junkie, Melissa Talks, and CS Joseph explain this well.

I care about learning to appreciate art, making friends, doing projects, going on missions, going outside, and living a simple life.

On an average day, I cook, eat, sleep, do chores, walk, bike, go to school or library, talk to strangers and friends and family, read blogs, watch youtube, listen to music, play piano or guitar, and write.

On a good day, I meet up with friends, go to an event, be in a high propinquity place, or go on a mini-adventure.

My influences include Niklas Göke, Aaron Swartz, Visakan Veerasamy, Johnny Harris, Scott Alexander, Arthur C. Brooks, CJ Q., R.C. Waldun, Paul Graham, Ryan Holiday, Ali Abdaal, Alexey Guzey, David Perell, Anthony Magnabosco, Matt Dillahunty, John Green, Edward Snowden, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Huberman, Derek Muller, Michael Stevens, Brian D. Earp, Mark Manson, Casey Neistat, Freddie Wong, Stephen J. Dubner, and Sal Khan.

The way I talk to people is influenced by Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, Models by Mark Manson, Derek Sivers' summary of How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, and "The Complete Street Epistemology Guide How to Talk About Beliefs" by members of the Street Epistemology Facebook group.

You can contact me on Twitter @LowellDennings.

I listened to "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran on repeat while writing this page. This took five hours to write on 12/10/2021.